Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Job

I get paid to be here.

I get paid to eat this for dinner

And this for breakfast!

I get paid to work with these amazing women

And these awesome guys

I get paid to wake up to this

And this

And to hang out with these weirdos

And to climb this :(

I get paid to watch young adults have their lives changed.

I get paid to be here.

And tomorrow maybe I won't. But for now, I'm really grateful for where God has placed me. And not just that I get paid to do it - because let's face it, I'd do it anyway - but because 15 people that surrender their lives to God can change the lives of 15 million. And that's not a hopeful dream, it's a fact. And I'm reminded that serving Jesus is a REALLY good life!

Stay tuned for more stories from CLC Encounter!


Cassie said...

thanks for making me jealous...

the baptism pic really put me over the edge!!! amazing!!!!!

Eric and Lindsay said...

Hey! We're not weirdos! And you love us so much : )

Katie Scott said...

Lindsay, allow me to clarify.

wierdos: a term of endearment meant to describe two people that are loved, yet also people that take funny (and sometimes disturbing) pictures.

See? You're totally weirdos!

brandenthomascarpenter said...

Katie, they totally are wierdos, and I hope that you get to continue to serve Jesus for a Job cause you are pretty stinking good at it!

Bo said...

I'm not sure why, but the picture of that deer made me laugh and laugh. And also, you get paid to filter late-night phone conversations. Make some room in the vault! Love you!

Elyxis said...

Katie! thanks for be amazing... I am so excited about this year and really excited to get to see ya everyday! Thanks for investing in my life and just being faithful to Jesus. i love you! :) see ya at church!