Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Literally Speaking

The other day I was driving to work listening to the rockin' station of KNLR, where a modestly decent preacher was explaining to his congregation how the church needs to take a stand. I wasn't actually listening - it was mostly just in the background. However, he uttered a phrase which changed my life forever. And here it is;

"The world is literally tightening the noose around its neck"

What could have been a powerful word was suddenly maddening to me. People, please understand that using the word "literally" doesn't emphasize your point - it simply states that you are NOT overexaggerating! Here is the definition of literally: actually; without exaggeration or inaccuracy. Keeping that important fact in mind, here are some phrases which you should avoid:

"There were literally a billion people in that line!" (really? wow!)

"We need to literally place ourselves on the altar." (that seems a bit crazy)

"I am literally freezing my butt off!" (um...ew)

"If you don't stop that I am literally going to take your life." (violence is never the answer, idle threats are)

Now for those of you who may be outraged that i could be so easily pulled away from this man's message - I promise I still love Jesus.

This is just a small plea from a very vocabulary concious girl. Now admit it - how many of you either totally misuse the word "literally" or hate it when others do?