Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday.

It is a day most of us don't even think about, or even know about.  I've been a believer in Christ for as long as I can remember, though only a follower for 10 years.  And one thing that amazes me is how God is able, every year, to show me new truths and new mysteries about Easter.

This year's revelation - Sovereignty.

The Sovereignty of God is His rule, His Lordship, His indefatigable greatness.  It is the fact that He is untouchable and unstoppable.  He is all powerful, all wise, above all, before all, ruler of all.  He created Heaven and Earth - all the majesty of creation was inspired by just a Word.  He is Sovereign, majestic and powerful and deserving of all honor and worship and respect.  

But on this day in history, He got none of that.  

The giant God of the universe became small.  On the cross He set aside all power, all beauty and all majesty to do the most powerful, beautiful, majestic act of all:  save the ones who put Him there.

Mmmm.  It really is a Good Friday.