Monday, June 30, 2008


Today, yes, is my birthday. I'm not actually a big birthday person, and am not particularly thrilled to be closer to 30 than 20...seriously it's just wrong. (And all the people over 30 rolled their eyes...and all the people under twenty gasped). So, you ask, are you going to change your profile to say that you are twenty six? Answer: Not on your life.

Anyway, I wanted to do a post on my birthday, and so I give you:

The Twenty-Six Loves of my Life (in no particular order):
1. Jesus (okay, He is in particular order). I am so grateful for His friendship and Lordship in my life.
2. Thunderstorms (hoping for one today!)
3. Coffee (decaf of course)
4. My family (Mom, Dad, Taylor & Kristi, and all my extended!)
5. Sunshine
6. Floating the river
7. My roommate, Noel
8. Bo
9. Grand pianos (if anybody is looking to get me a kickin' b-day present...this is it!)
10. Chips & salsa (is there anything better?)
11. Rosie's
12. New York City (I've still never been there, but I'm convinced it is the most glorious place!)
13. My friends - I love you guys!
14. Boating
15. Shopping (I do, okay, don't judge me)
16. My Bible
17. Ice Skating
18. Vacation spot (it's a place in Bend that feels like vacation every time I step foot there)
19. Office supplies
20. Avocados
21. Salmon
22. Singing
23. Rollercoasters
24. Bike rides
25. Christmas
26. Brooke Fraser (I went to her concert and so we're pretty much best friends now) :)

So, that's it. Truth is, there are many more things and people that I love, but I basically just went off the top of my head. Thank you, friends and family, for loving me for 26 years. I am so blessed to have you in my life. And despite the fact that I'm not thrilled about being 26, I plan on this being an awesome year - one filled with New York City and a great tan.

P.S. I wonder how many silly "Happy birthday" comments I have on my myspace. Oh, I haven't talked to you in 3 years? I should say something on your page...since I feel guilty because my myspace birthday reminder kicked in today. Hmm...what could I say? Oh I know - "Happy Birthday!" That'll show you I care.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Drive Through

I frequent drive through's a lot. Mostly Starbucks. Now I know all you Backporch and Thump Locals think that Starbucks is the devil. And maybe it is, but I don't really care because he makes a tasty brew (Pike's place + drive through when I'm running late = score!)

Anyhoo, I tend to be a super chipper person in the drive through. Mostly because I worked the drive through at Bank of the Cascades, and nothing is worse than a driver with an attitude. Then last night I was in another drive through (Taco's a weakness, what can I say) and the car in front of us had a bunch of college guys in it. And they were just rude...silly and rude.

So it got me thinking about the different drive through personalities...

1. The Monotone
These are the people who forget there is an actual human being on the other end. So they use the same voice they use when trying to pay their cell bill over the phone. You know the voice!

2. The Yeller
This one makes me laugh because it is usually older people who don't completely understand the sensitivity of the microphone and so they scream their request as loud as they can. Often, you'll notice that the employee does not answer right away. This is because they are desperately trying to muffle their laughter. We're in the 21st century - lower your voice, they can hear you.

3. The Expressionist
Some people are just annoyed all the time. Those people are expressionists. What I mean by this is that the moment they pull up to the speaker or the window, they are already mad. They expect to be disappointed and are pretty upset that you don't already know what they want. But they have some decorum and so they try not to show it in their voice. Instead they have a staredown with the menu. This usually includes 3-4 eye rolls followed by irritated head tilts...which they rationalize by saying, "It's not like they can see me." I have three words for you expressionist: video camera included.

4. The Adapter
Also known as people pleaser. They think it's rude to have any less enthusiasm than the employee and so they will match their enthusiasm no matter how ridiculous or uncomfortable it may be. This person I can't help it. If the Starbucks lady is thrilled with her "sparkling happy great day", then I am equally sparkling. I will never forget the following conversation I had at a Starbucks drive through:

I pulled up to the menu and waited.

Starbucks lady: "Gooood afternoon, and how are ya on this wonderful day?" (Think high-pitched Minnesota accent)

Me: "I'm great, how are you doing?"

Starbucks lady:
"I am doing just fantastic thank you SO much for asking! And what can I get for you today honey?"

"I'll have a decaf grande pike's place roast with cream, please." (Okay that's not what I ordered...but it's what I would today...hint hint)

Starbucks lady:
"All right that's a decaf grande with cream Pike's Place roast (I always say it in the wrong order). That's a great choice, and what else can I get for you?"

"That's all I need, thanks SO much!"

Starbucks lady:
"Okay, honey that's going to be $1.75. I'll race you to the window!"

"You're on!"

Lindsay, sitting in the passenger seat, laughs at me all the way to the window. And I had to laugh at myself. People who know me well would probably not characterize me as a bubbly, giddy kind of person. But that's who I turn into - Starbucks lady has magical powers.

P.S. The adapter might also steal ideas about lists from certain blogs rhyming with Pluff Grishins Zike.

P.P.S. I love Backporch...never fear.

It's A Meyen Thing

Apparently it is a Meyen thing to get engaged the same week:

Congratulations Conrad & Karen!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Four In A Row

1. I'm awesome. I posted four in a row. That makes me awesome. I am a big believer in self-encouragement.
2. Jesus is awesome. (That's not there for any particular reason, just that I can't really say I'm awesome without saying He's awesome...okay I'm not awesome, I'm just exceptional...okay I suck.)
3. You must, yes must check out the following link. Disclaimer: those of you who are Stuff Christians Like fans may have already seen this - it's from early June. Still, I laughed outloud...probably because I was forced to spend a whole summer watching Dora the Explorer...anyway, enough rambling. Here it is:

Monday, June 23, 2008

They're Engaged!

Today, my friends Janna & Kirk got engaged! They came over to show off the ring and get lots of hugs and high pitched screams of excitement.

I am so excited for them and can't wait to see Janna in a wedding dress! Did I mention her last name is going to be Weatherbee? How cute is that!

Well, signing off now. Three posts in one day - I am on fire!

More Soccer Pics

Soccer is the world's favorite sport! Sadly, I had a pulled muscle (or something seriously wrong with my leg) and so I couldn't play long. But I got some good pics during the down time. Enjoy...

Ride the bull!

Please notice Tim's awesome pre-kick form

Contagious Joy

I work with an amazing woman named Cheryl. She is a recent addition to the Westside Church staff. She is also a recent (ish) widow and a very smiley person. I hadn't really been able to connect much with her or hear her story...until last week.

Once a quarter, the discipleship team (which I am on) gets together to talk and pray and share about our ministries and our lives. When it was Cheryl's turn my whole day changed. She started out by saying how happy she was to be working at the church, that everyday she woke up excited to come to work, excited to be working for the Kingdom. She shared about her neighbor that she's been praying for - that he's seen God's work in her life and wants to talk more about it. She shared how God had blessed her with great friends and neighbors. Everything she said was just dripping with enthusiasm...and I started to feel a little sheepish. I have had a pretty stressful couple of weeks with work and relationships and just life. And I'll admit, I didn't wake up every morning excited to drive to work. And then there's Cheryl - a woman who could be in despair. She's lost her husband and lives alone, supports herself. I'm sure she has many burdens I couldn't begin to understand, and yet I have never seen her frown. In that moment I felt the Holy Spirit gather up some of the joy surrounding her, and breathe it on me. It was like a cool breeze on a scorching day - it makes you thankful, it makes you remember to slow down, to "stop and smell the roses."

Now, whenever I see Cheryl I am reminded of how good God is, how trivial the stuff I tend to freak out about is, and how refreshing joy really is.

Cheryl, I know you probably will never read this blog, but today I am thankful for you!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Why I Am In Pain

One word: SOCCER.

Some of our friends decided to make this the summer of soccer (well, it always has to be the summer of something. Last year it was tennis.) Anyway, I wasn't able to play the last two times, but I definitely got to hear their complaining about how sore they were even three days after. And I'll admit, I kind of thought they were a little wimpy. But, I repent...for I have learned that soccer is death to all muscles. Especially when it is preceded by a 3 mile walk in the worst shoes in the world!

Despite the fact that I was nearly incapacitated yesterday, it was so much fun! And my team won! It's great exercise and really fun. I'm so excited to play again! Here are some pics...not really of the game because we were all playing. But here they are nonetheless: