Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Why I Am In Pain

One word: SOCCER.

Some of our friends decided to make this the summer of soccer (well, it always has to be the summer of something. Last year it was tennis.) Anyway, I wasn't able to play the last two times, but I definitely got to hear their complaining about how sore they were even three days after. And I'll admit, I kind of thought they were a little wimpy. But, I repent...for I have learned that soccer is death to all muscles. Especially when it is preceded by a 3 mile walk in the worst shoes in the world!

Despite the fact that I was nearly incapacitated yesterday, it was so much fun! And my team won! It's great exercise and really fun. I'm so excited to play again! Here are some pics...not really of the game because we were all playing. But here they are nonetheless:


joshandkarlee said...

Looks like a good time! I'm guessing the knee socks are like faux shin guards...you all look very hardcore!

Cassie said...

yum. I love soccar. I love the knee socks. I love the sunshine. and all you people are lovely.

can i play too?

Phillip said...

Quite possibly the best sport ever!
Argue with me about it, I dare you!

Katie Scott said...

Phillipo I am not arguing - I am agreeing wholeheartedly! It's so fantastic!