Monday, June 30, 2008


Today, yes, is my birthday. I'm not actually a big birthday person, and am not particularly thrilled to be closer to 30 than 20...seriously it's just wrong. (And all the people over 30 rolled their eyes...and all the people under twenty gasped). So, you ask, are you going to change your profile to say that you are twenty six? Answer: Not on your life.

Anyway, I wanted to do a post on my birthday, and so I give you:

The Twenty-Six Loves of my Life (in no particular order):
1. Jesus (okay, He is in particular order). I am so grateful for His friendship and Lordship in my life.
2. Thunderstorms (hoping for one today!)
3. Coffee (decaf of course)
4. My family (Mom, Dad, Taylor & Kristi, and all my extended!)
5. Sunshine
6. Floating the river
7. My roommate, Noel
8. Bo
9. Grand pianos (if anybody is looking to get me a kickin' b-day present...this is it!)
10. Chips & salsa (is there anything better?)
11. Rosie's
12. New York City (I've still never been there, but I'm convinced it is the most glorious place!)
13. My friends - I love you guys!
14. Boating
15. Shopping (I do, okay, don't judge me)
16. My Bible
17. Ice Skating
18. Vacation spot (it's a place in Bend that feels like vacation every time I step foot there)
19. Office supplies
20. Avocados
21. Salmon
22. Singing
23. Rollercoasters
24. Bike rides
25. Christmas
26. Brooke Fraser (I went to her concert and so we're pretty much best friends now) :)

So, that's it. Truth is, there are many more things and people that I love, but I basically just went off the top of my head. Thank you, friends and family, for loving me for 26 years. I am so blessed to have you in my life. And despite the fact that I'm not thrilled about being 26, I plan on this being an awesome year - one filled with New York City and a great tan.

P.S. I wonder how many silly "Happy birthday" comments I have on my myspace. Oh, I haven't talked to you in 3 years? I should say something on your page...since I feel guilty because my myspace birthday reminder kicked in today. Hmm...what could I say? Oh I know - "Happy Birthday!" That'll show you I care.


joshandkarlee said...

Happy Birthday! (because I really do love you and I really do care!)

joshandkarlee said...

And for the record...I saw you 3 days ago.

Amanda said...

I haven't talked to you (much) in 3 years but I'm going to tell you happy birthday anyways! I always remember your birthday because yours and Micah's are on the same day. Sorry - I'm not trying to be creepy, I saw your post on Bend Blogs. :) So have a happy birthday!

Becky said...

Whether you have noticed it or not, you have really impacted my life. Your love and passion for worship is insanely inspiring and I'm so glad that I know you. Thank you for being the amazing person you are. love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Becky Sipe

Splendidly Imperfect said...

!!!!!!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!
sorry, i know you dont like it.
and i too, have not been to new york, but i know that i belong there. someday, someday. i love you much katit mc-scott!!!!!!!!!
i was going to call you and serenade you with a song , but i didnt think you'd enjoy. lol.

Katie Scott said...


3 days ago indeed! That was so much fun - I'm glad you came wedding dress shopping. Next time you're in town we should have coffee or something! :)

Katie Scott said...


Thanks for the encouragement. I love watching you worship!


You're always welcome to sing, however I must warn you that there is some stiff competition in my family. Unless you can muster 4 part harmony you might fall short. :)