Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Four In A Row

1. I'm awesome. I posted four in a row. That makes me awesome. I am a big believer in self-encouragement.
2. Jesus is awesome. (That's not there for any particular reason, just that I can't really say I'm awesome without saying He's awesome...okay I'm not awesome, I'm just exceptional...okay I suck.)
3. You must, yes must check out the following link. Disclaimer: those of you who are Stuff Christians Like fans may have already seen this - it's from early June. Still, I laughed outloud...probably because I was forced to spend a whole summer watching Dora the Explorer...anyway, enough rambling. Here it is:



Luke & Kristin said...

:-) I have to say, while mildly funny, I haven't been overly enamored with the stuffchristianslike blog.. but this one was pretty funny.
stuffwhitepeoplelike.com however.. oh man, good freaking stuff!
also, Phil told me about failblog.org

SO FUNNY!! (some of it is inappropriate though, so skip those ones)

Katie Scott said...

Kristin - I actually looked at failblog.org...but when I got to the naked guy I stopped. :)

Cassie said...

#1- way to blog your little heart out!
#2-stuff christians like makes me laugh SO hard
#3- you took GREAT pics on my camera!

Katie Scott said...


I am excited to see them! I attempted to take some plays in sequence...not really sure how that worked out. :)