Monday, June 23, 2008

More Soccer Pics

Soccer is the world's favorite sport! Sadly, I had a pulled muscle (or something seriously wrong with my leg) and so I couldn't play long. But I got some good pics during the down time. Enjoy...

Ride the bull!

Please notice Tim's awesome pre-kick form


Evan & Elisa said...

#1 YAY for actual soccer pictures (none of this "pre-game, post-game but no actual proof that we ever played" stuff
#2 where do I begin with all the funnies that I found in those shots?
#3 Good job Tim on the form: chest up, arms flung a bird ready to fly, or a guy ready to kick a soccer ball
#4 I will miss those games, but will be in the "land of soccer", so that's cool

Jenna said...

dang look at the guns on those girls!

Katie Scott said...

Yay - welcome to Jenna to the Blogdom. It's a great place.