Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Joann Renee

Okay, people. I am not artistic on any level other than musically...and then not even! But I have a friend. Her name? Joann Renee Whittaker. She is a brilliant artist - clever in prose and photography like I could not even dream to be. Here's some of her brilliance in action (yes, I stole all these from her blog. Circle c! Ha!) :)

Oh come on - you know I had to include myself!

People if you need pictures taken, Joann is your woman. Seriously. I'm not even joking.

Joann - you are amazing and I love how God has gifted you. And also I love that this makes two blogs in less than a month! Look at me go!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oh for Pete's sake...

Well friends, yes I am guilty once again of not being a very good blogger. But in my defense - I have no camera! And let's face it - blogs just aren't interesting or compelling without some sort of imagery. So if anybody wants me to be a better camera!

Since I don't have a digital camera, I will just have to amuse you with the following list. These are things that are currently making me either 1. smile, 2. jump for joy or 3. laugh until my stomach hurts:
  • Fot hudge sundaes...yes that's right FOT HUDGE!
  • Ice skating and the prospect of employment with benefits
  • Snow!
  • Jim (yep, still)
  • The possibility that dust bunnies are real animals
  • Eeyore and his terrible assault on my face (I only laugh because my friends was a traumatic experience that will not soon be forgotten!)
  • Yessica's blogs (I miss you!)
  • The thought of Paco the houseboat - I've come to the realization that that was the best time of my whole life!
  • CHRISTMAS!!!!!
  • Christmas music
  • Christmas lights
  • Christmas carols
  • Christmas tree lightings
  • CHRISTMAS!!!!!
So there's my fun little list - enjoy blog buds. :)

Friday, September 7, 2007

A Wedding

Well, I will preface this by saying that it is quite unjust when your LITTLE brother gets married before you've even gone on a date... That being said, it was really fun (mildly crazy) but fun overall. Congrats Taylor and Kristi!
The family!


I love my family so much!!!
This was during the Mother/Son dance. My mom is the most precious creature on earth!
And we were dancing...all night long!
The End

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Suckling Pig!

To celebrate the successful finale of the 2006/2007 CLC year, Bo and I headed to Merenda with some friends. It was there that the much anticipated suckling pig was enjoyed. Yes, I know this may cause many people to tear up, the thought that we could do such a thing...but it was darn tasty!

Suckling pig makes you a little crazy...

Put your stunna shades on

Thursday, June 7, 2007


So, in a miraculous twist of fate, the solo I was going to have to sing last weekend was cancelled. Woo! So Noel and I booked it up to Salem to see her fam.

The infamous car shot while driving...

Her mom made us yummy chicken enchiladas and all the guacamole we could eat!

This is Noel's niece, Emerson. She's really cute, but in this picture she looks like an old man reading the newspaper...
Then I went to Portland to visit my friend Courtney and we promptly headed to the beach!
One problem, was FREEZING!!!!!!!!!!
So Court climbed a rock
And I looked for the sun
And we buried our freezing cold feet under the blanket
And slept hoping when we woke up it would be gloriously sunny and warm.
No such luck. So we headed to Mo's for some yummy coastal food. I'm convinced that seafood is half the reason to go to the coast at all!
We shopped and ate more food and had so much fun! Then we met up with Noel at the most glorious restaurant that ever was...
My life was changed. And home I went.
The End.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Just A New Post

This week Noel and I decided to get domestic. We cooked and cleaned and then we decided to undertake sanding and painting a table. Mostly because we knew how cool we would look in the masks.

The hard work was well worth it though!

In other news, I saw this guy at Bellatazza and watched his poor dog stare at him while he listened to music and was on his computer. The dog never broke its stare. And yes I took this picture without him knowing! :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dinner Time!

Two weeks ago I moved into my new townhouse with my super awesome roommate Noel (I will try to get pics of my new place up soon). We are having all sorts of fun, and to celebrate our move-in I decided to make dinner. I am fully capable and even gifted perhaps at burning EVERYTHING! I think I'm just so afraid of e-coli and other bacteria that I burn the daylights out of them to make sure they cannot possibly survive. :) However, through the grace of God I made an AMAZING meal - seriously life changing. Lindsay - testify? Here is a picture - isn't it beautiful?

Shortly after this beautiful picture was taken, all the smoke alarms in the house began to go off non-stop! And I didn't even burn anything! Mekenzie and Noel and I were running around the house waving hand towels and nearly losing our minds. Despite the craziness, it was a fun day!