Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dinner Time!

Two weeks ago I moved into my new townhouse with my super awesome roommate Noel (I will try to get pics of my new place up soon). We are having all sorts of fun, and to celebrate our move-in I decided to make dinner. I am fully capable and even gifted perhaps at burning EVERYTHING! I think I'm just so afraid of e-coli and other bacteria that I burn the daylights out of them to make sure they cannot possibly survive. :) However, through the grace of God I made an AMAZING meal - seriously life changing. Lindsay - testify? Here is a picture - isn't it beautiful?

Shortly after this beautiful picture was taken, all the smoke alarms in the house began to go off non-stop! And I didn't even burn anything! Mekenzie and Noel and I were running around the house waving hand towels and nearly losing our minds. Despite the craziness, it was a fun day!


brandy said...

simply amazing!

Sir Gregory Scott said...

For some crazy news. Read my newest blog!