Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Literally Speaking

The other day I was driving to work listening to the rockin' station of KNLR, where a modestly decent preacher was explaining to his congregation how the church needs to take a stand. I wasn't actually listening - it was mostly just in the background. However, he uttered a phrase which changed my life forever. And here it is;

"The world is literally tightening the noose around its neck"

What could have been a powerful word was suddenly maddening to me. People, please understand that using the word "literally" doesn't emphasize your point - it simply states that you are NOT overexaggerating! Here is the definition of literally: actually; without exaggeration or inaccuracy. Keeping that important fact in mind, here are some phrases which you should avoid:

"There were literally a billion people in that line!" (really? wow!)

"We need to literally place ourselves on the altar." (that seems a bit crazy)

"I am literally freezing my butt off!" (um...ew)

"If you don't stop that I am literally going to take your life." (violence is never the answer, idle threats are)

Now for those of you who may be outraged that i could be so easily pulled away from this man's message - I promise I still love Jesus.

This is just a small plea from a very vocabulary concious girl. Now admit it - how many of you either totally misuse the word "literally" or hate it when others do?


Brandy said...

I literally over use the word literally:)

Eric said...

I don't think I often misuse the word, nor hate when people do, but I think it's funny that it bugs you! You and Lindsay totally call people out on their word usage. What's been funny with her though is now I've turned it around on her and call her out. Last night I had to pause for a moment and admire that she just said, "me and my dad have the same sense of humors" It was great. Ok hint taken it's about time for another blog I might get to today

jamiejoy said...

You have cousins with the same last name as us!?! We are literally probably related and never even knew it. =)

Katie Scott said...

I know! I've always been able to spell your last name right because of them. :)