Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring Cleaning

I am an extremist...especially when it comes to cleaning. Well this weekend, the extreme clean came out and I went to town on my house. And cleaning just isn't cleaning without some serious organization. Organization of what? Of everything!!! And with organization comes the discovery of hidden treasures you never knew you had. Things you've had since grade school - things that you should not have moved 6 times. And so I bring you:


Item #1: Pentel Marker Set

Yep, I've moved this six times and I still cannot throw it away. This marker set was a big deal to me. I never really had the cool toys growing up. No My Little Pony, no real Barbie, no Carebears...but I had the pentel marker set. I can't give it up...I just can't. What if I need to write my name in block letters and use multiple colors?

Item #2: The address book

This was the first address book I ever had. Remember when it was cool to get stationary sets? Yep, my address book was from such a set. And in it I found the addresses to the following people:

Yep. Carman and Petra. I had their addresses...which means I sent them letters. Go ahead...laugh. I sure did.

Item #3: A starbucks card from my birthday...last year (June 2008)!

Not really sure, who it was from, but I love finding gift cards I didn't know I had!

Of course I found many other things: old cd's, bills I haven't paid, clothes that I'll never wear again...and never should have worn in the first place, old pictures, memories and much more.

What is the strangest/funniest/most interesting/best thing you've ever found during spring cleaning?