Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oh for Pete's sake...

Well friends, yes I am guilty once again of not being a very good blogger. But in my defense - I have no camera! And let's face it - blogs just aren't interesting or compelling without some sort of imagery. So if anybody wants me to be a better camera!

Since I don't have a digital camera, I will just have to amuse you with the following list. These are things that are currently making me either 1. smile, 2. jump for joy or 3. laugh until my stomach hurts:
  • Fot hudge sundaes...yes that's right FOT HUDGE!
  • Ice skating and the prospect of employment with benefits
  • Snow!
  • Jim (yep, still)
  • The possibility that dust bunnies are real animals
  • Eeyore and his terrible assault on my face (I only laugh because my friends was a traumatic experience that will not soon be forgotten!)
  • Yessica's blogs (I miss you!)
  • The thought of Paco the houseboat - I've come to the realization that that was the best time of my whole life!
  • CHRISTMAS!!!!!
  • Christmas music
  • Christmas lights
  • Christmas carols
  • Christmas tree lightings
  • CHRISTMAS!!!!!
So there's my fun little list - enjoy blog buds. :)


Yessica said...

awwww... I can't believe I got a blogland shout out!! That is the sweetest thing ever. Which was just making me think... I hope my husband proposes through blog... that would be so romantic. Think about it, you're just, you know, surfing through your friends blogs seeing whats up. You pop over to your hunnies blog to see if he's put up pictures from the Salsa dancing class you took last thursday... and BOOM, BLOG ENGAGEMENT PROPOSAL "Katie Scott, you are the love of my life. Please marry me and make me the happiest man in the world. Love Jim". And then later you like send him a text message on your mobile device that's all like "yes!!! totally yes... also bring your laundry over before 3 if you want me to do it." Because Katie, (dramatic pause) love is magical like that.

Also, if your list were a man, I would definitely go on a date with him, and get to know him... see how things went. Maybe more dates in the following few weeks. And, I mean, if we were both still pretty enthralled maybe we'd officially be girlfriend and listfriend. Yeah, I'd date your list.

Oh my gosh... I am officially the coolest :/

See you in 20 days!!!

Elyxis said...

YAH!!! A new blog... I must say that i too love the christmas-ness of all of that cool stuff, especially the christmas music. Yah for Hippopotamuses !!! ( I dont actually know how to spell that, but you know what i mean :)