Thursday, June 7, 2007


So, in a miraculous twist of fate, the solo I was going to have to sing last weekend was cancelled. Woo! So Noel and I booked it up to Salem to see her fam.

The infamous car shot while driving...

Her mom made us yummy chicken enchiladas and all the guacamole we could eat!

This is Noel's niece, Emerson. She's really cute, but in this picture she looks like an old man reading the newspaper...
Then I went to Portland to visit my friend Courtney and we promptly headed to the beach!
One problem, was FREEZING!!!!!!!!!!
So Court climbed a rock
And I looked for the sun
And we buried our freezing cold feet under the blanket
And slept hoping when we woke up it would be gloriously sunny and warm.
No such luck. So we headed to Mo's for some yummy coastal food. I'm convinced that seafood is half the reason to go to the coast at all!
We shopped and ate more food and had so much fun! Then we met up with Noel at the most glorious restaurant that ever was...
My life was changed. And home I went.
The End.


brandy said...

at least you got some cool pictures even though it wasn't warm. :)

aileen said...

that's the prob with oregon beaches...90% of the time they are cold cold cold!
much love