Friday, October 31, 2008

The Lighter Side - EPI 2

If I were an animal...

I'd be a chameleon. There's no doubt in my mind.

I was so surprised, shocked, thrilled, ravenous (wait, wrong use of adjective...sorry), and inspired by all of the comments from the last Lighter Side post. I hope you'll all keep posting your quirks, as it brings so much joy to my little heart.

So, for this week, I thought we'd take it from a new angle. See, I've had many conversations this week in which I have referred to myself as "the chameleon". And I've been met with a few confused looks. So, let me explain why I am a chameleon:

  • It's the only animal that gets to change its "clothes" as often as it wants.
  • I'm really good at impressions, which is funny, but also a curse because people are constantly repeating a line and then begging, "You do it, Katie!" Which would be great...if it didn't make me look totally stupid.
  • I tend to mimic people's style in song. This was evidenced when I discovered a tape of me singing My Heart Will Go On along with a recording of the song. And I probably thought I was singing normal, but I was totally mimicking Celine. I've never laughed harder! "Neahhh....Fahhhhh...whea - ehhhvahhh you ahhhh."
  • I pick up accents really easy. I've tried not to, but it's inevitable. If you have an accent and I'm around you for 10 minutes, I will have an accent. It's terribly embarrassing

There are probably other reasons, but I think you would now agree - I am a chameleon. I don't try to be, it's just who I am! Which leaves me just one question...

Which animal are you and why?


joann renee said...

Well, apparently I'm a penguin.

Or so someone once told me in college during an exercise in a theatre class. I was slightly offended at first thinking: do I waddle?!

But, looking into it a bit further, with the exception of the waddling part, I find myself in agreement. I thrive in cold environments. My feet do actually look kind of webbed and penguin-y, as they are so wide and big for my height. I'm very loyal and, as penguins, plan on singing my unique song until the day my penguin soul-mate hears it and comes to look over my eggs. Okay, maybe not exactly. Hmmm... So it's not a perfect analogy...

Tara Jeanette said...

I would be a platypus I think. first of all they are unique and awesome-everyone that knows me can attest to my uniqueness :-)and I like to think that I am awesome as well. Secondly, they don't really fit. There isn't a round hole/round peg scenario for the platypus. What are they? Where to they belong? Where do they fit? Are they mammals? Water foul? Land? Water? They don't fit nicely into any categories. I don't feel that I fit in this season of life. Bend? Seattle? I am a tweener. In between worlds. I don't fit in Bend anymore and I don't fit in Seattle yet. But the thing I love about the platypus is that God created it and it belongs. Just like me. Now to just find the place...wish me luck! love you!

Anonymous said...

I have been told I am much like a panda bear, cute and cuddly. I even grow bamboo in my bedroom... Hmm..



ArchFULLY said...

Hi Katie..I stumbled upon your blog while clicking the 'next blog' button...AFter a long line of Blogs with only pictures in them, your blog showed good variety in content!! Nice blog..
I will check back again.
By the way, I think I am a Elephant. Because I walk slowly, eat vegetarian food and pretty harmless till i have a temper. Hey but i am not fat like an elephant :D
DO check my blog when time permits.