Friday, November 14, 2008

My Life In 72 Hours

Let me just say, this isn't going to be pretty...

Tuesday night/Wednesday morning: unutterable depths of the plague
Wednesday day: the most pointless TV shows in existence, no movement for 12 hours
Wednesday night: the most pointless nighttime TV shows in existence, no movement for 6 hours
Thursday morning: dare to emerge from the house, head to work for 3.5 hours, then go home
Thursday afternoon: eat a small amount of food, vow to never do it again
Thursday night: continuously regret all amounts of food ever eaten in my life
Friday morning: regret still in tact, stomach missing, will to live missing, pointless TV shows still in tact.

Well friends, I could have been more eloquent, but mostly it is just driving me crazy that I haven't posted anything in what seems like an eternity. Until next time, remember:

Food poisoning is a foretaste of hell. And trust me - you don't want to go there.


joshandkarlee said...

Either you and Bo ate the same thing or you have been plagued with the stomach flu...there's no way this is coincidence! You have my sympathy either sorry friend!

Katie Scott said...

It's true - we did eat the same thing. Actually, twelve of us ate the same thing - it was terrible! Beware tomatoes...

Becky Sipe said...

Hey! Do you mind taking a look at my blog? I wrote about you in the last entry

Feel Better!!