Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Lighter Side - EPI 1

I've spent way too much time in the last few months crying over stupid things, or big things, or really big, important, life-altering things. Well, anyway, let's just say I've been quite dehydrated. With that being said, I thought I would start a series of posts called "The Lighter Side" because let's face it - we all need it!

The problem is I didn't really have a brilliant idea for today's post. So instead of brilliance, we'll settle for adequacy in a list I like to call "Weird things I do." Do you ever catch yourself doing something, well, weird? You're probably fortunate enough to think that you're 100% normal, so you can't relate. But on the off chance that you have 23% quirk or 45% freak in you, this could be a fun comment list.

So without further adieu...

  • I say warm like farm, arm, charm. It is my nemesis.
  • I blow in cups before I use them. This is probably due to the fact that I had a bad experience with dirt in a cup as a small child...but I'm not sure.
  • I have to eat my food in sections. (All the peas, then all the mashed potatoes, then all the salmon...yummm salmon...)
  • I'm really tall. What? That's not weird enough to make a weird list? Well, it's my list! I'll do what I want!
  • I sleep with both my arms over my head - with one across my forehead. This is because when I was a little girl, I believed a prince would come find me in my sleep and I wanted to have the whole "damsel in distress" look down. And now I can't sleep any other way. It's terrible.
  • I hate soap. Hate it. Hate the residue. Hate the word residue. Hate that it never gets cleaned up if some gets on the counter. (Don't worry - I don't smell bad. I use it. I smell like roses.)
  • I create attack plans for rapists or robbers sometimes when I can't sleep. I could write a book, and I pity the fool who breaks into my house!
  • I color code my closet.

Well, that's all for today. There are many more - OH - so many more! But now I leave it to you:

What's one weird thing about yourself?

10 comments: said...

So, I can't beat you with the way I sleep - maybe I have the beat-up damsel-in-distress look - but I not only blow in cups before I use them, but I make sure and close my eyes while I blow in the cup. I actually remember the specific time that I blew into a cup that had dirt and the dirt went straight into my eye! OOOWWW! And also,
2. My eyes are drawn to spiders like magnets. I can spot them anywhere in any location, no matter how big or small or the color. Once I find it, someone has to kill it right away because I can't stop looking at it, and every little thing that touches my skin makes me jump, and then I dream about that particular spider for the next 5 nights. Seriously, it's a problem.
3. I don't cry often, but when I do, it's at the most anti-climactic part of a song. Choose the least climactic part of any song, and I just might cry to it. Weird.

Anyway, that's all from me. I'm also a little bit tall. :)

Cassie said...

ok i color code my closet...not too weird... except when people see it and say it's weird.

i have SO many weird things i do, i'm not sure which to leave in a comment... hmmm

i lock my door when i am home alone, but when i leave my house i rarely lock my door. now that's WEIRD!!!

Elyxis said...

I seem to fall down a lot which is super funny to watch, I can only imagine :) The other day (monday, to be exact) I was leaving the church and I stepped off the curb wrong, but I didnt role my ankle or anything and I did one of those swinging-arms, bent-over, flailing-legs, trying to catch myself type of run right into the middle of the parking lot, and then, after all my efforts to try to not fall, I fell... face first, then roled onto my shoulder, then onto my back and to finish it off, my legs went over my head. I sat up and my hair was falling out of its boby-pins and my stuff was all over the ground. And to make it all worse, I was with Lisa, Sabrina, Tim, and Thomas... yup, i know :) sorry this was such a long comment, I just wanted to tell you about it!

Eric and Lindsay said...

I catch myself making the face of the emotion that is being portrayed on the tv show, movie, newscast... I'll be watching something and smiling like an idiot...than I'll catch myself and feel like an even bigger idiot. Worse, is when someone else catches me and I'm mocked relentlessly.


Katie Scott said...

Oh I'm loving these! Whitney - I also share your spider sense. It's a gift and a curse isn't it! And Lindsay - me too! I make the corresponding face. Don't let people mock you though - it just means you're empathetic. At least that's what I tell myself!

nicolettebw said...

1. I hate public restrooms with a passion. I'll use my sleeve to open and close stall doors.
2. I eat everything I can with sauces. If I don't have the sauce I need for the particular food item, I typically won't eat it. And if for some reason I do have to eat it... the whole time I'm eating it, I'm thinking about how it'd be so much better if I had the sauce to go with it.
3. I don't really like animals. Sometimes I pretend that I do to make animal owners feel better, but mostly I just make this face of like... ew. stop sniffing me.
4. I say orange weird.

joann renee said...

I color code my closet (or "rainbowize" as I like to call it) and also eat my food in sections. We are truly kindred souls. This is off topic, but I do miss you and would love to show you some recent heels I've purchased that I know would make you stick our your chest in pride for the heel wearing girl that you've made me.

Katie Scott said...

Joann! I'm so proud of you and your heels - post a picture!

Virginia Earwicker said...

I remember all those things about you (except the sleeping position and the attack plans...weird). I especially thought about the cleanliness of my tea cup this week out on the island, blew in it, and then had to explain myself (yourself) to a ministry partner who wasn't sure what was going on...

Katie Scott said...

Oh Brent, that brought so much joy to my little heart!