Saturday, October 25, 2008

It is so good

I have been at the Oregon Coast since yesterday, and it is marvelous. Sadly this is the only picture I have so far as my camera is totally dead (this is from my cell phone). So, since I have no pictures, I will simply use captivating and picturesque words that will allow you to see it all in your minds.


Anyway, here's my day today:
  • Get up and go for a run on the beach. (Wait I said I'd use picturesque words. Allow me to restate that: Awakened by the rising of the crisp, warm sunlight I sprang to my feet and pulled up the blinds to allow the sunlight to flood the room. You could see the waves crashing against the giant rock and smell the ocean. I put on my tennis shoes and ventured out to the beckoning sand and ran as far as my feet could take me.)
  • The most decadent and wonderful breakfast imaginable at The Grateful Bread. Perfect blueberry pancakes delighted my senses.
  • Many card games and much merriment
  • A climbing adventure to the top of a cliff where we got soaked as the largest wave I've ever seen crashed against the rocks, giving me a new respect for the ocean, and a healthy fear for my life.
  • Long walks on the beach - several, actually.
  • More card games
  • Dinner at The Pelican - beef medalians so tender and decadent, garlic mashed potatoes and crisp vegetables
  • Now - blogging about my adventures, preparing to eat lots of oreos - thus making me start my day tomorrow just like this one.
Now that I have sent you on a great adventure in your minds and incited much jealousy, I leave you to your non-beach lives. Stay tuned for more picturesque words as I do not anticipate a camera recovery.

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