Friday, August 22, 2008

God save me from my own twisted brain

I woke up this morning thinking about a lot of things:
  • Orphans
  • Money
  • What my laugh sounds like to other people
  • If I'll get my laundry done today
  • What is in my couch cushions.
Yes, I know - I'm sick. I have a severe problem. My brain gets shut off for 8 hours, and suddenly the alarm rings and it goes into overdrive. And even worse is that then I started thinking about what could be in your couch cushions! Oh, God save me from my own twisted brain indeed!

So if you could help me out and tell me what is in your couch cushions, I think there could be hope. That giant question could be set aside and room could be made for much more important questions, like: What is under your bed?

Oh no!
There I go again...


Brent, Virginia & Josiah Earwicker said...

I haven't checked recently, but at the last check, we had:

-Lots of blond hair
-Oodles of crumbs and sugar granules from our favorite coconut biscuits

That's all. We're pretty clean, but we eat cookies and shed a lot.

Anonymous said...

OK I checked and I had..
pen lid
hair tye

I know you know what was in yours.....

Becky said...

We have:

A reese's peanut butter cup wrapper, crums, a little bit of popcorn and a pen.

Splendidly Imperfect said...

aha. nice blog katie, well to ease your trouble mind we just have loads of ashlies laundry on and in the couch, its her new closet. other than that just maybe some cat hair. now i hope you dont want to know about under the bed cause that would be endless lol.