Friday, August 1, 2008

Can You Handle This?

The anticipation builds. You wring your hands and your palms start to sweat. Thoughts, questions race through your head so fast it makes you dizzy.

"Will she? Won't she?"

Oh great, here comes the nausea. Who knew you could feel your heartbeat in your head? As if a very small, but very loud drummer has set up shop in between your ears.

"When will it happen? Could it be today?"

You attempt to swallow the lump in your throat, and then... you make a move. The arrow slides ever so gracefully to the left, and selects a name. Suddenly the mini-head-drummer has managed to clone himself (herself?) and triple the volume. It's all you've thought about for weeks. You're sick with anxiety.

"Could it have happened? Please, let it be so!"

Click! Somewhere a symphony begins to play At Last, and a wave of relief and ecstasy sweeps over you. The nausea settles, the drummer leaves and you are left in a deep sea of joy, eyes wide with wonder, heart filled with satisfaction. All those memories of disappointment seem to fade, and you smile and laugh content in the knowledge that...

Katie blogged today.


Luke & Kristin said...

You're a dork.

Katie Scott said...

That's not very nice. But I will forgive your comment because I know you're reacting out of deep emotional trauma.

nicolettebw said...

blogged about....?

Elyxis said...

Wow, you described what i was feeling perfectly! If you wouldnt have posted something i probably would have exploded, literaly! I am so relieved :) I think i have died and gone to heaven.