Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow Survival Tips

Well, it finally happened. The first snow has hit and Bend (and all the rest of the state) is freaking out appropriately. Since I know many of you bloggers out there may have just moved to the area, I thought I'd offer some insight and wisdom from a seasoned snow lover like myself. So, get a pen and get ready:

  1. Get an ice scraper. This is priority # 1 people.
  2. Get some thick gloves - the kind that make you have sausage fingers. (This helps with #1)
  3. Get a spare key and hide it somewhere good.
  4. Learn to crochet or knit - it comes in handy when you're poor and cold.
  5. Run to the window expectantly every morning to see how much snow has accumulated (if this is done with some sort of ridiculous slippers such as giant ducks, there is a bonus).
  6. Stock up on airborne and vitamin c.
  1. Try to scrape your windshield with your debit card. Just trust me.
  2. Forget gloves - they are like gold. Thick gold that keeps your hands at a temperature that is not painful.
  3. Lock yourself out of your house in 4 degree weather. Let me just save you some time and tell you that the recycling can is not tall enough to get you high enough to get to the roof...and it's slippery.
  4. Spend lots of money on cute hats and gloves - just don't. If you're going shopping - invest in boots because you can't knit those.
  5. Run into the window when you check to see how much it snowed.
  6. Stop taking vitamin c. Never, ever, ever, ever stop.
Well, there you go. Now you are wise and seasoned and ready for anything.

Happy Snow Days!


joshandkarlee said...

Your "dos" and "don'ts" made me laugh out loud. Especially the "don'ts" because I had a Katie blooper movie playing in my head as I read them.

Cassie said...

i love it!

i think last year i did everyone on don't list after the first snow... i definitely wasn't prepared for central Oregon snow.

this year... i am stocked up and happily applying all of the DO's!

Splendidly Imperfect said...

Perfection, my dearest Katie. i love your lits! sad to say tho, i only have fuzzy purple slippers, no fun animal :0( lol.

Splendidly Imperfect said...

Perfection, my dearest Katie. i love your list. im sad to say however that i do not own fun animal slippers, lame i know, i only have fuzzy purple ones lol.

Katie Scott said...

Jezi -

Let me check the book on that. (pause) Yep - fuzzy purple will suffice.

Karlee -

I don't know why, but your comment made me remember you dancing on the front porch to Britney Spears in the middle of winter. Good times. :)

nicolettebw said...

"sausage fingers"!! hahahahaha!
"Do you want some butta' tubby?"

Brandy said...

so.. I totally use my debit card to scrape my window... but not anymore because early in the season it totally snapped in half and the lady behind the counter was totally laughing at me.. i do still have the broken in half card and have used that instead in desperate situations.. lol.. but now that i have invested in a dollar scraper at walmart things go over a lot easier before work..