Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Expectations

Wow, what a year it has been. As I look back on all that has happened this year I realize that this is definitely the hardest season I have ever walked through. And not only me, but most everyone I love has been affected in one way or another.

But it's Christmas!

And Christmas means time with the family, Christmas dinner, presents (grr), laughter, stockings, Mom's quiche, my brother putting on every single present he opens (even if it isn't clothes), and so much more.

At least that's what I was expecting.

But this Christmas is definitely not that. It looks a little more like medical bills, chest xray, new meds, Dad in the hospital, no time for dinner, no money for presents. And honestly, my first reaction was: This Christmas is a bust.

Until I remembered something...

Last week while leading worship, I said something that I was reminded of this morning: "Jesus does not disappoint." This has been a hard year for most people - losing jobs, losing loved ones, losing faith. And if my expectations for Christmas, or any other season for that matter, are placed in the "stuff". Stuff like dinner and quiche and "how it's always been", then I find myself disappointed - disappointed because my expectations were not met. But, if my place my expectations for the season in Jesus - that He will be just as good this year as last, and just as available, and just as much my Savior - He will not disappoint. And suddenly everything else is an add-on. Spending Christmas in the hospital with my family goes from a miserable thing to a wonderful blessing.

Expectations are a funny thing, and I'm learning a lot about how they change my thinking. What do you expect Christmas to be? I hope you find your expectations exceeded in who Jesus is and that you find yourself blessed beyond measure, no matter what comes your way. Merry Christmas!

Thankful and so blessed,



nicolettebw said...

I went specifically to your blog, hoping that you'd updated. and look at that. you did! and it's quite a gem I must say.

I think mostly I try and have really low expectations so that I'm not disappointed... probably not the best mindset.

love you katie! merry christmas.

Elyxis said...

Wow Katie, thanks so much, I really needed to hear that :) We are finding ourselves in a similar situation and you reminded me what is really important this season... I love you and have a great Christmas!
p.s. -Thanks for being cool :)

Becky said...

Amazing. Honestly, it's like you knew the exact situation my family and I are in this year, thank you so much for this so very good and so very true post. Exactly what I needed to hear!

Becky :)