Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Sad Truth About Josiahs

It is inevitable: I love every Josiah I have ever known.

I know them in their infancy and then, every stinking time, they leave me. There are lots of kids I love, but there is something about Josiahs! Maybe it's because all of their parents have had a distinct impact on my life...

The first: Josiah Young

Oh I love love love him! When he was born I just fell in love with him. His parents are Brian & Tara Young. Brian was my 8th grade teacher and was the first person to ever make me wonder if a real relationship with God was possible. But, just after he was born, his parents were called away to far-away Iowa. No more Josiah. :( They do visit somewhat often, though, which I suppose is some consolation.

The second: Josiah Stern (picture stolen from Bo's blog)

I knew this kid when he was born when I was going to another church along with his awesome parents: Steve and Bo Stern. They were my youth pastors and Steve really taught me how to see God as a Father and Bo taught me passion. But (again) just after Josiah was born, God called them to another place and sadly, no more Josiah. :( The good thing is that now I tracked Bo down and am a stage 4 clinger to this family. So I get to see him all the time - yay!

The third: Josiah Earwicker

Talk about the cutest kid ever! I wasn't there when he was born, but now that he's in the states I have been soaking up every possible moment (plus I have the title of official baby holder). His parents are Brent & Virginia Earwicker. Brent and I went to high school together and because of his boldness to an angry, scary wretched girl, I committed my life to Jesus! This little guy is just so precious and so LONG! And he makes cute noises when he sleeps and I'm so sad that he is going away in just 5 days!!! Again, no more Josiah. :( But I guess it's that whole call of God on your life thing. Can't really argue with that.

So to all you Josiahs (and parents) - you are the greatest...and stop leaving me!!!


Bo said...

I could not agree more...especially about that second Josiah who is inevitably going to rip my heart out by leaving. I console myself by thinking that maybe he'll want to be a poet or a minstrel and will need me for financial support and hot meals.

Cassie said...

I must agree that Josiah's are amazing!!! I also know my fair share; including my own little brother!!! Who i'm sure you would enjoy very much!