Monday, November 20, 2006

Bustin' A Move

Of all the exciting, adventurous, rewarding and thrilling things you could do in the city, dancing in public is for sure one of the best! It has a way of taking all that you are - all that is cool and all that is not and blends it together into a crazy rhythmic outburst of flailing arms and fluid footwork. Sadly, the single most important part of the public dance is often overlooked: the facial expression. I find that it's best either to look as crazy as possible or as completely sane as possible. You've either got to look like your body just took over and you're not sure what's going on or you have to look like all your hopes and dreams - your entire purpose in life comes down to this dance! Concentrate, close your eyes and feel the music (even if there isn't any). For in the dance is when life really makes sense.

I recently experienced this in the great city of Portland (see
pics below!). The day was full of dancing - dancing with the sax-playing, tap-dancing street performer, dancing with Theo - another street performer outside of the Rose Quarter, dancing all over that town! If you've never tried it, you are truly missing out. So the next time you hear some music and you just gotta dance - let loose! Go crazy! If nothing else, you'll at least give somebody a great story to tell.

Annalisa giving in to the "dragon's breath" dare...

Crazy lady! This muchacha sure had some interesting moves...

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